Buhari: Why I traveled to Cote d'Ivoire with governors

Tripoli cityscape

Tripoli cityscape

"As a humanitarian organization aimed at saving lives and preserving human dignity, we found this heinous crime morally undignified and humanely unjustifiable", it said.

A U.N. -brokered deal in December 2015 to create a unity government failed, though talks have been taking place to form an administration to lead the country ahead of elections.

"It is essential to support investments in digital economy and other sectors of the economy which interest young people and ensure employment for them", he continued.

Again, we humbly call upon the International Community to step up their discussions and rescue strategies as a matter of urgency before the worst happens. He insisted that his homeland respects diversity and people from different countries.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has urged his European counterparts to work more closely with Africa on tackling migration and security, another issue high on the agenda as the threat of extremism grows in West Africa and elsewhere.

On Thursday, a summit of the African Union and European Union (EU) set a goal of immediately repatriating 3,800 migrants languishing in a camp near Tripoli.

Oguntuase said that the South Africa chapter of the party was in support of major decisions taken by the Federal government, especially, the fight against corruption.

On the developing situation in Togo, President Buhari along with five other West African leaders with one form of stake or the other sat down with President Faure Gnassingbe to press for an urgent agreement between the countries's President and the coalition that had been opposing him.

" We are happy that the international community has seen government's desire to fight corruption".

The horrible images show some migrants being sold for $400 while others are tortured to death by individuals in Libyan military wears.

"We don't believe that building walls is a morally good thing to do and does not solve any problems", he added. He referred to recent declarations by international communities to have migrants become residents of the country. And the International Criminal Court, which is already investigating Libya, "is a very important instrument at our disposal". He said that the government has called for a full investigation by the Attorney General of Libya.

"It is now clear that slavery is an outrageous reality in Libya". We need to stop the terrorism and the civil political conflict in Libya. One-third of foreign direct investment in Africa comes from the EU.

Governments cannot just offer returning migrants some money and supplies when they land back in their country's airport, he said. Africans leave their country to improve their life and chances to survive.

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