We can say goodbye to a stable Germany

GBP to EUR exchange rate

GBP to EUR exchange rate

Now, we have a mandate to continue our policy.

It is the strong showing of the third biggest vote-getter, the far-right nationalist populist Alternative for Germany, or AfD, which has sent jolts at home and abroad and will have lasting consequences.

The Alternative for Germany opposes immigration, granting asylum, and Germany remaining contrite about its Nazi, anti-Semitic past.

"As widely expected Angela Merkel won her fourth term as German Chancellor despite a sharp decline in public support". The FDP's Christian Lindner said the Social Democrats' "rash and sudden decision to stay in the opposition in parliament is irresponsible".

"The SPD was a major loser in this election and they don't want to work with [Merkel's Christian Democrats]".

Emerging from her car she arranged her face into a smile first for the cameras and then for the party faithful who'd gathered at CDU headquarters.

"Angela Merkel deserved this defeat", Spiegel's Dirk Kurbjuweit wrote, accusing her of running an "uninspired" campaign and "largely ignoring the challenges posed by the right".

However, just hours after its triumph, the party's long-simmering infighting between radical and more moderate forces spilled out into the open at a dramatic morning news conference.

The European Union should be organised more as a club of sovereign nation-states and German culture must be protected against "Islamisation", according to the AfD. There is another factor that Germany will have to consider as well.

Analysts say it is unlikely that Petry's sudden departure will mean much for the party.

Frauke Petry, an AfD co-chair who was sidelined as the party's top election candidate earlier this year, presented the first crack in the facade when she said she would not join the parliamentary caucus.

It was "most distressing" that the AfD had achieved its best results in Saxony where it had even beaten the CDU and was now the strongest party, the director of the Catholic Academy in Dresden, Thomas Arnold, told katholisch.de.

The AfD, meanwhile, has pledged to use its new platform in parliament to, in its words, "hunt down" Merkel and reclaim the country.

To provide a bit more data here, the Free Democratic Party (FDP) won 10.7% of the vote, The Left won 9.1%, and The Greens won 9%.

The president, in a message by his media aid, Femi Adesina on Monday, September 25, felicitated with the German chancellor's party for producing leadership for the country for over 12 years.

"The two anchor parties in German politics - Merkel's conservatives and the Social Democrats - are both weaker than they have been in six decades".

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