Pomp and mourning for France on Bastille Day

Pomp and mourning for France on Bastille Day

Pomp and mourning for France on Bastille Day

Mr Trump leaned in and kissed the French President's wife on the cheek, with his hand still firmly clenched with Mr Macron.

Trump is in Paris this week on the invitation of Macron to celebrate Bastille Day, the French holiday to celebrate the day French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille to challenge to the country's royal family.

In the morning Trump visited the Necker Sick Children's hospital, meeting several patients and encouraging them with comments such as "good luck" and "stay strong".

The Bastille was built in 1300 at the time when the war against the English was ongoing.

The two men could be seen talking animatedly as U.S. and French fighter jets roared overhead.

Macron had said beforehand that he was looking forward to a "dinner between friends". The two women proceed to share in an extended handshake of their own before the two couples part ways.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Chief of the Defense Staff Gen. Pierre de Villiers, drive down the Champs Elysees avenue during Bastille Day parade in Paris on July 14, 2017.

The French first lady made headlines when Macron was the presidential candidate earlier this year.

Some 190 troops from the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force were set to march in the parade Friday, with American planes contributing to the grand fly-over, according to Reuters.

In his message, the King highlighted the close relationship between Morocco and France, noting they were connected by history, culture, values and shared interests. His choice of words is telling, because the unspoken end of the sentence "you're in such good shape" is "for your age".

It's a fun arrangement, and bizarre to see house music played on brass instruments for a bunch of politicians.

Less than a month ago, he decided to interrupt a female news reporter to tell her she had a great smile, and if this is anything to go by it seems that, sadly, he hasn't learned his lesson about appropriate behaviour just yet.

The US president's trip to Paris appeared to going fairly smoothly until he was overheard commenting to the French first lady about her body.

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